woensdag 3 mei 2017

Rocking @ ROC D'ardennes

One of the yearly events we participate in is the Roc D'ardennes @Houffalize.

A bit a special place, because when I started Mountain Biking, one of the first tours I did was 40Km at Houffalize. Not the easiest places to start Biking but definitely one of the most mythic ones in Belgium.
Saturday morning after loading up the camper we left to arrive around noon, so we could do a little ride to check the tracks and trails before the big race on Sunday morning.

After our ride we got accreditated and picked up our racenumbers,

Afterwards we had a chat with the NL & BE Canyon Bikes Crew.

Sunday morning RACE DAY
We had to get up early because the woman race starts at 8.15 AM
6 AM Breakfast

 6.30AM getting my gear together and getting dressed while Peter is prepping my bike and drinks 💖

Warming-Up cream from Muc-off
to get the muscles going
Endura gear 

7.15 AM getting on the rollers to warm up

8 AM riding to the start

📷Peter Verbeurgt
📷Peter Verbeurgt

Canyon Crew is always supporting you...
even when it's early in the morning
📷Peter Verbeurgt

Ready to start
📷Maarten Verhoeven

Peter was in the 9 o'clock starting wave. By that time I was already past some more difficult parts of the stage. Just starting with 18 women has some advantages, first of all it's easier to know what position you're in. There are no men around who desperately want to overtake a woman, but in the windy parts of the race you are also all by yourself. The men overtaking you are just way to fast to take any advantage.
📷Lien Delie

Having a lot of fun on the trails
📷Jan Geys

We both survived the dusty trails and enjoyed the technical climbs and downhills. Peter's mom was at the finish line so we could catch up after the race with a beer and fries. :)

And of course some bike cleaning to do with the pink magical bike cleaner...



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