dinsdag 11 april 2017

Let the games begin

Early start of the season this year...
For the first time we would be racing in Laissac France.
Laissac was the host for the World Championship Marathon MTB 2016 and for so far we heard one of the most beautiful marathons around with very challenging trails... So we got excited 😁

We left on Thursday so we could make it an extra long weekend.
Sun was out when we arrived on Friday and we were definitely not the only ones enjoying it ;)
Check the champion couple chilling out... 

Michiel Van Aelbroeck en Alice Pirard
Time for some important stuff, accreditation, checking the tracks and getting some coffee and tea (check the goblets 👈 )

Starting Numbers ✔
Coffee and Tea ✔
Camper setup ✔
Chilling out before the race✔✔


Saturday was time for some bike riding.
Roc Laissagais is not a one day event, beside the UCI Marathon World Series on Sunday they also organize an Enduro competition on Friday and Roc Laissages and some tours on Saturday.

Michiel before the start of Roc Laissagais

We participated in one of the tours, just 25KM so we could get some tension on the muscles, check our bikes and the soil conditions.    


6 AM time to wake up and get race ready. Today I feel like a party with OVERSTIMS Hydrixir Long Distance MOJITO 😋

Start was scheduled for 9AM The line up was a bit of a mess but we managed to get in position right before the starting sign.
After little more than 5 hours I finished the 70 KM Suffer-fest on a 5th place. The steep climbs, tricky downhills and curvy trails made it very hard but beautiful race.
Peter finished the 90KM track in just under 6H30.

Podium Women
After the Podium ceremony and getting the camper all packed up again we headed home and made a MC DO- stop for some greasy treats :)

Up for some more...👊

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