dinsdag 9 juni 2015

Hagelandse Chrono Langdorp

Last sunday we were present at the annual Hagelandse Chrono in Langdorp. It's a very well organised time trial on a 80 km's XC track through the woods with spectacular singletrails just next to a big motorway... Start is individual between 0830hrs and 11hrs. So we wouldn't know Sara's result before t he last girl on the track has passed the finish line. Sara rode a very constant race with an average speed of 22km/hr on a crowded track with two obligatory stops at intersections where traffic lights were red...

Weather was sunny and warm, so after the race we had some chats with friends and could enjoy the pasta party while waiting for the other girls to finish.

Worthwhile waiting this year  because Sara had her first podium after a 6th, 5th and 4th place previous years, now she was on the 3rd spot. The first girl Nele Vanmaldeghem had another race to ride in the afternoon, so she was no longer there during the price ceremony. Second lady was Sara Van Peer who rode 7' faster then Sara was nowhere to be seen either. Not much of a podium, but a nice pair of sunglasses from Tifosi made it all worthwhile.

Special thanks to Peter Van Campfort who was there as Sara's second backup rider.
Up to Willingen for the Willingen Bike Festival Marathon. 121 km's of nice tracks in Germany where we will be meeting our partners from Cosmic Sports and Fizik.
BTW, NO DRUGS HEROES/ FiZIk will be our team name in Willingen due to their kindness of taking care of our registration. Thanks to Rainer Gerster for this one.

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