maandag 25 november 2013

After season Update

Season seems just terminated, and I wonder where those two months have gone in between. Our resting period's over and already done 4 weeks of training. First of all, we would like to thank again all our sponsors. Without their support it would be very difficult as amateurs to compete in large stage events and marathons across Europe. In comparison to last season, some things will be different in 2014. Sponsors stay the same. Crankbrothers cranked it up, so we will be able to count on components support due to the incredible guys from COSMIC Sports Germany. (Thanks Daniel) They call us Ambassadors; we call us "Lucky Bastards". Bikebrand will change. Frame delivery in december 2013. Registered to following Competitions 2014:- Roc PARIS, BeMC, LCMT,Zillertal Bike Challenge, Transalp, Transschwarzwald. New team Mobilhome... Teamoutfit will remain the same as this season.

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