vrijdag 26 juli 2013

Peter's Transalp...

To start with something you normally end with: "We did it...". Without commenting the whole race, I would like to thank some people who made this possible. First of all, my parents who supported us the whole year, mentally as well as financially. Second place comes to our sponsors. In one phrase, it looks like this: We are equipped by CRANK BROTHERS, Fueled by SPORTS 2, dressed by BALOISE an insured by AGATHASS. And last but not least to Sara who inspires me to train harder every year to keep up with her. Nothing alse makes me more proud than to see her cross the finishline of a bikerace.
The Transalp was new to me, but I could remember the atmoshere of earlier World Champs in other disciplines in which I participated. I love that smell..... This is my world. Dedicated people, shaven legs, warm-up oil, stressy moments,... I LIKE!! I've passed an unforgettable week amongst bikers that all have one objective. Pass their own limits, go to the bone, and still smile afterwards.
Thanks to the numerous people that have encouraged us and all the other bikers, that gave us a hard time racing till the last day for the "GC". ;-) Thanks to the mechanic of team BULLS who helped me out twice with his knowledge and problemsolving brains.
Thanks to Walter en Elena for the whole week.
Thanks to the Belgian guys with who we had a great time in the camp.
Thanks to all volunteers during the Transalp; nothing without you guys.
Thanks to Ley EVENTS for the professional organisation. CU next year? Probably... And for Sara: I'm so proud of you.

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