maandag 11 september 2017

CX BAL populaire 2017 @ Oud-Heverlee

The last couple of weeks have been busy, but we haven't been riding too much.
First a family visit in Italy followed by Eurobike and the start of a new school year for me with meetings and organisational obligations.
We received an e-mail about a xc mtb fun race, the weather was looking good and it became time to get the heart rate to the limit as we are counting down to the National Championship MTB Marathon.

I entered the race as only woman with a lot of supporting children and some colleagues from school on the side of the track yelling my name. The race would take about an hour, on this short, technical but not too hard loop it meant the winner would ride 11 rounds. Even when you get doubled you could finish the race. We started fast, raced hard and finished even harder. I only got doubled by 4 top riders of which 2 national champs XC.

📷AR Photography

📷AR Photography

Fun factor ✔  
Sweating ✔
getting the heart rate to the limit ✔✔

📷AR Photography
Before you wonder... Peter was there too, but we didn't found any photo's of his spectacular jumps 😕
He finished before me, apparently he's in shape! 💪

A coffee a day,...

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