dinsdag 7 juli 2015

Zillertal Bike Challenge 2015

Since last year we were planning to ride the Zillertal Bike Challenge for the first time as preparation for the Transalp. We decided to ride it as a tough training but not to race every km of the way. We would ride the KING & QUEEN category.
We left on tuesday evening, and decided not to drive all night. Next time we will, because on wednesday we got stuck in traffic and rode for 17 hours in total.

We booked a camping in Mayrhofen,  which would be our "camp" for the four days to come. Start was on friday, so we got a day and a half to get a bit used to the altitude and heat. They announced very hot the coming days with temperatures rising over 40°C.
We really took these three days as a mix of holiday and training.

We met some Belgian friends over there, who were there too to participate at the ZBC.

In short what we could expect the coming three days:

race duration: 3 days
route length: 203,5 km
thereof: 89,3 km asphalt, 110,1 km gravel, 4,1 km singletrail
vertical metres (uphill): 9.180 m
vertical metres (downhill): 7.130 m
max. incline: 35% 
mountain railway: 0

On friday morning start was given in Fügen.

Race day 1: Fügen – Zell am Ziller

route length: 73,6 kmthereof: 34,5 km asphalt, 37,8 km gravel, 1,3 km singletrail
vertical metres (uphill): 3.145 m
vertical metres (downhill): 3.120 m
max. incline: 19%
From Fügen, the first stage of the Zillertal Bike Challenge runs through Finsingtal to Hochfügen,over Riedberg to toll station on Zillertaler Höhenstraße. From here, they ride through the villages of Kaltenbach and Stumm on the Kapaunsalm Panorama Trail. The first stage ends with a fast downhill run via singletrail Wiesenalm to Zell am Ziller. Warning: observe the highway code!

After the stage, catering was up to date, so we could recover fast. 

Some bad news was given the next morning, when the organisation decided not to race the second day; because of a deadly accident the day before. 

Sara and I decided to ride the track anyway, and so did many others. Atmosphere at the feedstations and during the first endless climb was chill, and nobody seemed to stress about the situation.
Some of the GC riders took it easy also, and rode the stage together. 

Accidents happen, and when you're riding on unclosed roads for traffic, and going 70-80km/hr in the downhill.... Made us think twice about the safety during stage races where we race on unclosed roads very often. Enough said.

On the last day we were going to ride to the Hintertux glacier. Strange to ride the mountain we snowboard down mostly in winter...

Race day 3: Mayrhofen – Hintertux

route length: 55,3 kmthereof: 28,1 km asphalt, 27,2 km gravel, 0 km singletrail
vertical metres (uphill): 3.055 m
vertical metres (downhill): 1.080 m
max. incline: 23%

The Kings/Queens set off from the Europahaus Mayrhofen and ride past Burgstall, Schwendau and Hippach before heading uphill past Schwendberg to the Horbergtal Valley. From there, the route continues along the Horbergweg to the Tappenalm (1,772 m), along a dirt track to the Penkenjoch (2,095 m) and on to the Wanglalm. A well-kept dirt track then snakes its way to Vorderlanersbach. Here, the route joins Tuxerlandesstraße L6. The route goes through Lanersbach, Juns and Madseit to the valley station of the Hintertux glacier cableway - glacier bus 1. From there, the route goes over the Bichlalm to the Sommerberg, from where riders catch a glimpse of their destination - the Tuxer Fernerhaus at 2,660 m. But be careful, the final vertical metres up to the glacier are tough!

After finishing, we were in a hurry to get back down the mountain and ride back to the camper. Sara had to be at work on monday 0700hrs.
Mathematically this was possible, but then nothing should go wrong on the way home.
We drove all night and got home at 0300hrs. A few hours of sleep should do to keep awake a long the day...

 It was a great experience, probably we will be back. We met great riders from multiple nationalities; had great views and scenery during the rides,

and rode as a team as we're planning to do so during our third Transalp. Another finisher shirt in the pocket...

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  1. Prachtige beelden van een mooie streek waar we vele jaren geleden nog samen hebben geskied. Wat een training voor de Trans Alp! Deze zit eraan te komen, houd het nu wat rustig, zodat je aan de derde editie een goed gevoel kan overhouden. Wees ook voorzichtig.