maandag 15 september 2014

End of season in Germany

Last weekend we had our last marathon event in Germany. 100km through the Vulcan Eifel. A very beautiful region, worthwhile visiting on the bike.
As usual the organisation was perfect, and the great number of motivated volunteers made it once more a spot on event.

Less convenient for me were the fast first km's. Looked like a road race through the woods. After one hour I had 27 km's on the counter. Sara was long gone in front of me, cause I couldn't keep up with the group. I would catch up later, after my "warming-up session"...
The weather was quite comfortable, sometimes the sun made her appearance, so no worries for the last marathon of the year.
After 50 km's I caught up with Sara who was riding in 4th position, not far behind the third female rider.
Did I mention, that in first place was Sabine Spitz...?
I decided to stick with Sara ICE. At 61 km's Sara had a flat rear tyre, so I proposed to switch wheels, and so she could carry on. I would catch up later once more :-(
The tyre was not heavily damaged so I tried to fill with CO2. For 20' all went right, as suddenly, I lost all the air in the Tyre again.  I had to pump by hand every two km's, so I decided to ride back to the finish area by bike lane.
No finisher, but honestly, my legs weren't good at al after riding the National Defence Championship earlier on thursday.  So no hard feelings Sara.
I'm glad when I can help you during any race at all.
By the way, Sara could stick to her forth place, and so got on the podium in the Elite category.
Well done baby.
Now we deserved a little rest, to get the mind set to next season.

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