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Since January 2017 we are ambassador for Endura. Endura is a high quality cycling brand that provides a lot of professional cycling teams of their kits like Movistar Team and Cervélo Bigla Pro Cycling. The cool thing about the brand is that they also have a special women's line. In the past I usually had to buy the men's line to get the high quality kits, but not with Endura ... 

Women's only
They also, and this is even cooler,  have a special woman feature... To be precise the DS (DropSeat). 
The DropSeat is a zipper running above your bibs. So you can easily unzip it if you need to do a toilet stop and don't have to undress...
First I was a little skeptic about it, I do admit... I was quite sure you would feel the zipper, or that it would irritate when you are doing long rides, but you don't, not even a bit. 

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It's the most amazing feature ever... While in the past you would not do a toilet stop because of the inconveniences to undress or not get your bibs back on the right way because you have been sweating... Those days are over when you use the bibshorts with DropSeat 👍 

Goodbye windstop underlayer Welcome Jetstream 
Another great line is the FS260- Pro Jetstream...What is so special about it? 
In some weather conditions it's hard to decide what you're going to wear. It's hot, but windy or it's cold and windy. You don't want to get a cold, but you also don't want to put on to much because your body heat rises and when you are having to warm you burn more energy. 
Endura has the solution with the Jetstream feature... It works like a wind stop, but it's in your jersey already so you don't have to put on a windstop underlayer. Even when it's very hot but you planned to climb above 2000M+ you don't necessarily need to put on a jacket before the descend. The short sleeve shirts are super light so perfect for hot weather conditions. The long sleeve jersey has a great fit and is perfect for winter, fall and even cold summer mornings.
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